Sunday, April 29, 2012

PATHWAY - A Gift to NJ-NY Commuters

My 10th Windows Phone app is out in marketplace.


Whenever I go to New York, I get this adrenaline pump! Yes, I love to stand amidst all those chaos in Times Square - and feel that energy. You will never get that anywhere else - only in NY. 

I always liked taking PATH, from and to New York, from New Jersey. When I was pondering over ideas for my 10th app, PATH was the first in my list.

So, this is a gift from me to all those NJ and NY travellers (and who carry the inevitable Windows Phone). Enjoy.

Download PATHWAY.

Thursday, April 26, 2012 to Back

I thought I would tweet about it But ney, I would just jot down here so that I could come back later and see. And may be it would be here for others also.

I get these urls from tweets and in other sites. But I am not able to access those sites from work. There could be many others having this problem. I discovered this site which would convert the url back to the original url.

How sweet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dislike feature in Facebook?

No, I haven't found one! Not yet. :)

I get lot of posts on my Facebook, which I do not like, or which I do not agree with. If they would have said (said, as in spoken) those posts directly to me, then I would have argued with them. Yesterday I got this post ( I am not mentioning the post for anonymity sake) which I almost tempted to comment on it. Rather I was  searching for a dislike button. Where is the DISLIKE button? Oh, there is none. Bummer.
I did not want to  leave a comment, as it would have triggered another set of arguments, which I was not ready for.
Ha, maybe that is why there is no DISLIKE button.
Facebook is for making friends. Connecting people. And not for disliking each there. Lesson learned: If you do not like it, walk away! Yeah, in italics and in bold! Walk Away!
If there was a DISLIKE feature in Facebook, there would be more DISLIKES than LIKES. I bet. :)
Enough of that rant, let me post something ridiculous now. :) See ya!

Monday, April 02, 2012

HowManyThings - Tech Blabbing

The topic should have been: HowManyThings - What really excited me?
It's always fun to challenge yourselves in anything you do. That keeps you on your toes. I always challenge myself  by promising myself to use certain tools and features which I have never ever used. That makes the ride more interesting. For HowManyThings (it is relatively a smaller app), I used the following:
  • SQL CE (I had used it already on my GivenTaken and GivenTakenPro apps).
  • MVVM - I had used MVVM, not very heavily though, in other apps also. But this is the first time I implemented MVVM using MVVM Toolkit.  It was a fun ride, indeed.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

HowManyThings - A Windows Phone app

It's spring time, and its time for some cleaning. Eliminating unwanted items in your house and organising things that you would want and use often.

Have you ever wondered how many stuff is lying in (and around) your house? Well, yes, including those christmas lights! You might have started it, and pretty much meticulously. But when it comes to account for, you might realize that you couldn't find that piece of paper anywhere. And you start blaming your dog!

Enter HowManyThings! The app which helps in maintaining your inventory. Inventory of things in your home. Any thing.

Download it on your Windows Phone.  And send me your feedbacks.

Yours truly.

P.S: Some screenshots: