Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Hindu Life

I am a Hindu. But I did not know what it exactly meant till recently. More of the awareness came from the Satsangs (spiritual group discussions) we had for a year or so. The group discussions were more geared towards practical applications of Hindu philosophy in our daily life. The scriptures are so full of knowledge and so full of life, and we take them for granted. The biggest shortcoming of Hindu scriptures, what we all agree is that the language they are put in - Sanskrit. And today's mass have no clue of this language.

TheHinduLife is an app, which gives a small dose of Hinduism. It is no way near to perfection. There will be number of updates coming for sure. But I think this is a good start.

Please download the same at


  1. Rajeev - is the URL correct? Seem to take nowhere.

  2. It is correct, Askar. You need to have Zune installed.

  3. I love this app, would love it if you could release an app with translations of scriptures. You have made the app perfectly as well, soooo smooth and looks great :) thanks