Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LINQ-ed! - Day One

Well, you might have got the idea!

Yes, I am on the LINQ bandwagon. I tuned into and touched up on the LINQ articles by Scott Gu. They are really informative and I did get a very clear idea on what the other geeks are talking about (ooohhooo... that LINQ thing...its so cool, you know...). Now I know :-)

My only interest was how to use LINQ with Stored Procedures. And my concern is that we would need a paradigm shift in coding and architecture approach if we start using LINQ in our current applications. DataContext, you see... DataContext is the back bone of LINQ.


  1. I agree with you Rajeev. It needs a paradigm shift to tune to the LINQ methodology and I have a feel that it wouldn't be feasible on all architecture models, even though some argue that it would. Think about the latest MVC framework from Scott Gu team, looks cool but again not applicable with all the current architecture models.

    - Askar

  2. Yes, I checked the Dynamic Data using the MVC framework. See my latest post.