Thursday, December 06, 2007

Code Camp and VS.NET 2008 Express

By being a speaker liason for our .NET User Group, I made lot of good friends. Friends whom I could ask any technical question and would get an answer almost immediately.

Code Camp Details - Thanks a million to the speakers
The most interesting and informative presentation was Kevin Goff's Business Intelligence with SSIS, SQL Server 2005, Excel 2007 and PeformancePoint Server 2007.

We had Rachel Appel, Steve Andrews and Andrew Schwam for the first time for our Code Camp and they were great!

John Baird, Dan Clark, Lance Wulfers and Paul Kawaller did a great job too.

VS.NET 2008 - My first stint.
When I downloaded VS.NET 2008 for the first time, it was depressing. The template window was almost empty, when I tried to create a web app. That was depressing indeed. I googled for 2 days and got it fixed. I had installed Expression Designer CTP a long time ago, which had to be unistalled at first (who knew?).

So, with great expectation, I started my journey. This time, I did not want to start with the "Hello World" application. I wanted to do something diifferent. I had a very old project that I did for myself, when I was learning ASP.NET 1.0. So I am picking that up for conversion.

I will be updating this blog with my experiences in upgrading a Visual Studio 2003 (this could be applied to 1.1 too) web application to Visual Studio 2008.

I am having some hiccups with VS.NET 2008 Web Express. It seems I have to wait for my local InstallFest to get the whole Studion IDE set up for this. Till then I will be posting my experiences with Web Express 2008. Keep visiting!

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