Friday, June 01, 2012

Evening with Scott Hanselman

Disclaimer: If you are reading the post, and you are woking in ASP.NET, and if you do not know who Scott Hanselman is, then you have my sympathies. (Don't worry, living under a rock is sometimes more comfortable!)

As I had blogged earlier, I have learned quite a bit (maybe a little more) from Scott, all about ASP.NET. Not only ASP.NET, also about other things... When I started developing apps for Windows Phone, I wanted to develop Hansleminutes on it. For the ones living under the rock, Hanselminutes is Scott's weekly podcast. I got his blessings and set out to develop the app. The rest is history and the app is available for download in the marketplace.

I got the word from Andrew Schwam that Scott Hanselman was visiting Philly.Net UG. Well, should I miss it? I would be an idiot to do so! I registered for the event and there I was! yesterday, May 31st that is.

I reached P J Whelihan's in Blue Bell PA (around 2 hours drive from my place) where Philly dot net had arranged a social networking event. I got to meet lot of familiar faces and also some known figures in Philly dot net community.

I was in Montgomery College, at around 6:15 PM, but Scott was running late because of his flight delay in Chicago, due to the thunderstorm. He made it finally, and it all started. It was a delight seeing him in person, live. After seeing a ton of videos and demos of him presenting, I had got used to his speaking. But seeing him in person was something I could not explain in words.

After the session, I met him and introduced to him. And there it is, me standing with Scott.

Scott, thanks for coming down here.
Thanks to for getting the show together. And Apprenda for sponsoring the event.

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