Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TFS 2011 Express Beta download

I am a big proponent of using Source Control in our daily development. In my day job, we use Subversion. I had used TFS2010 earlier. It was the best source control/ALM software I had ever used. I should admit shamelessly that I don't have any source control for my Windows Phone development. You would think I am being modest. And some of you might ask why would I yearn for a source control when I am the only developer. That is a good point, but not a valid one.

Every developer should have source control. Period. No questions asked.

Then why would I not have one? Easy answer: Laziness!

I am at a point where I cannot more forward without having one. My colleague persuaded me to install Subversion. I also like it very much, as we had switched to it from being tired of VSS. I was all ready for it, when the news of TFS express version broke out. That caught my attention, and being an avid TFS fan, I decided to get it. The Beta is out and what was I waiting for.

Downloaded the TFS 2011 Express Beta from here.
It gives you two options: Web Install and ISO download. The web install is a trimmed down exe, which requires internet connection while installing TFS. ISO download is for if you need to burn to DVD and install it offline. I always prefer the ISO install.

The ISO file I downloaded had an issue - the SHA1 encryption did not match. So I had to download the web install. Again, I had an issue - my SQLServer Express was only SP1. It needed to be a SP2 or higher version. I downloaded that one too.

Then all the installation went smooth. There are lot of articles out there (Out There! Where? :) ) that explains the TFS 2011 express beta install step by step.

I opened up  VS2010 and connected to the TFS server I just created. I went on to create a new team project, but it cried out loud that I did not have permission to do so. (GRRRRR!!!!). That got me perplexed. I rechecked the security/group permission properties in TFS and all was all.

Back to Google with Bing!

After a while, I found that I needed VS2011 Team Explorer Express Beta to create a team project in TFS2011 Express Beta. Well, the error message was not that helpful - some copy/paste ignorance I think :)
(Read this: http://berxpert.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/connect-vs2010-to-tfs-11-express/)

Anyways, on to install the Team Explorer 2011 Express.

After creating the team project, I was able to connect to TFS and check in all my code through VS1010.


All's well that ends  well.

I am on to gather all my WP7 projects and check them in. (And not to forget creating back ups).

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