Friday, September 17, 2004

To Code-Behind Or Not To Code-Behind

A really informative and healthy discussion are in Scott Mitchell's
blog entry. Please have a look at it.

I would lilke to add my two cents to this one. I would vote my 100%
support to Code-Behind. I consider this as a revolution which happened to
me as a
developer. Whatever the Gurus preach, this has changed my life!

I had this one page developed and running in production for months. And
there was a link on this page, which navigtes the user to another page
which displays some business related information highly useful for the
end-users. For some reason, this page (Page2.aspx) was very slow and
was tming out.
Our helpdesk was being pestered by the angry users. The DBAs found that
the SQL in the concerned stored procedure was the real culprit and they
wanted some time to
fix the same. The management did not want the users to access the
particular page. The problem came to me and I removed the Link and replaced
with a label which went along "This functionality is not available for
now, for technical reasons...". My bosses were worried about doing
another build, but I convinced them that this is different and they just
needed to copy/paste the aspx file to the production machine.

They did as I told, and they were happy that they did.

See the beauty of the Code-Behind? I had done so many changes to the
code-behind file, and if it was an inline code, I would not what I would
do :-)



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  1. Code Behind is cool... Code Beside is even cooler!