Sunday, May 06, 2012

Alphabets4Kids gets a face lift!

My most downloaded app, Alphabets4Kids, gets a new face lift. 

Its been one year since I started with Alphabets4kids, but it has remained the most downloaded app till now. The users have been asking for pictures and sound to be added. Due my busy schedule and work on my other apps, I did not find time to get those features in place. That's not an excuse, I know.

But now, I have:
1. Added a new entry page - more kid friendly and metro style
2. Added images and sound (thanks to my daughter Parvathy who was really patient with me on this. I had to negotiate a trip to McDonalds by the way!) with the alphabets.
3. Slide capability added on the Learn module, instead of clicking a button. It does add to the feel!

Now for coming updates, I am planning to add more alphabet related games for kids.

Those who have Windows Phone, please do download the latest update and let your kids have fun and learn.

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