Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another New Year

Another New Year!

2008 was not a good one for me as a blogger. That's because I have not been blogging a lot lately. Have been very busy selling my old house, buying a new one, recovering from a lyme-disease attack, and settling in the new house.

Even if you (and I) don't see any comments on my blog entries, I have lot of fans (:)), known as readers :) And they complain a lot (through emails and phone) when they dont see any blog entries. And that happened a lot in 2008.

This year (its already 2009, can't believe it) is going to be a special one. A very special one. In many ways. And one of them would be blogging. Blogging about .NET and other things.

So, a very happy new year for all my readers! Come, visit this blog often. As I said, 2009 is going to be very special!

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