Monday, November 13, 2006

Design Patterns - The Why!

They say the term "Design Pattern expert" is a wrong usage. This is because if your developers do not have expertise on Design Patterns, then they do not appreciate whatever patterns you pick to use as a guideline.

During my early years of .NET, I was told to follow certain Design Patterns. But no one attempted to make me understand the concept and philosopgy behind those patterns. I started reading the GoF patterns (the Bible of design patterns!), but I couldn't understand a bit! Take that as my confession, but hey, I was not alone at all! Then later one day, I took the courage to admit that myself and James Avery. James helped me reach the Head First book on the same subject. Let me say, I was hooked onto it!

This month's UG meeting discusses the same topic - Why, What and How of Design patterns. The "Why" part, that is where I am more interested in. "Why should a developer be concerned about a Design pattern?"

My colleague, Vijay Cheleenhalli, a design pattern expert (oops!) is going to present the topic.

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