Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hunting Delegates

Delegates was one of the toughest subjects to understand for me in .NET. This was because I found no good article anywhere in my vicinity. All the ones I found just jumped to the technical details blabbering the jargons. I usually do not vote for such articles (who needs my vote anyway!) and do not recommend to my friends either. Writing is a form of expression and if the audience cannot understand (may be I am dump!) what the author has expressed (or trying to express, for that matter), then the existence of such an article itself is to be questioned.

Well, to my luck, I found a really good article on web. I do not the know the author and neither do I remember the site address. I read it once and it just stuck on me. In fact, there was no author's name in it. The article explained Delegates so well that I need not had to read it again. As I have commented in my earlier entry, I am going to present Delegates in our user group meeting. If any of you are interested in knowing about Delegates, then please dive in.

If you are not a member or do not know the direction, please send a note to the our leader, Judy Calla. Her email id is


  1. Hi,
    will you please share the delegates URL/ppt if any.even i'm searching for delegates..but i dont find anything as straight forward one. so it would be nice,if you share some of your prepared doc about delegates..thanks

  2. Hi Mahesh,

    I would be happy to send the same to you if you provide me your email address. Also meanwhile, you can go pick up VB.NET Class Design by Wrox publication. It is a must have one and covers lot of topics that a VB.NET developer needs to know. It has the Delegates chapter which is very reader friendly.


  3. Hi rajeev, thanks for your is my ID-please []..Share your tech passion with me in my blog and keep blog.